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In August 3, 2019,Prof. Yasser Farahat, the General Secretary of Arab Association of Urology and Co-president of WCE2019, was invited by Prof.Yinghao Sun academician, the president of Chinese Urological Association, attended The 3rd Oriental Congress of Urology and Andrology, OCUA2019 in Shanghai.

In the congress, Prof. Yasser Farahat presented a lecture “URS complications:How to avoid and tricks of treatment.” He explained the complications of ureteroscopy, also introduced his experience in using PUSEN disposable digital flexible ureteroscope. PUSEN Uscope is a good tool for surgeon in ureteroscopy because of its maneuverability and convenience.

Hospital Visit

After OCUA2019, Prof. Yasser Farahat was invited by Pusen team to visit hospitals in Hangzhou, Zhejiang provinces for international academic communications.

The Urology Department of Zhejiang People’s Hospital

In the afternoon of August 5th, 2019, Prof.Yasser Farahat arrived at Zhejiang People’s Hospital. Dr. Xiang He, the head of Urology department of Zhejiang People’s Hospital, extend his warm welcome to Prof. Yasser Farahat.

The Urology Department 

of Zhejiang People’s Hospital

The Urology Department of Zhejiang Peolple's Hospital, is reputed for minimally invasive treatment, which is up over 90% of total number surgeries in the department and ranked in the top of all urology departments in Chinese hospitals. It is one of the key members of Zhejiang Invasive Surgery Group, but also Urology Endoscope  Center by the Ministry of Health, Zhejiang people's Hospital owns the lastest Da Vinci robotic system,  it is one of the most comprehensive and leading hospital in the field of laparoscopy and minimally invasive urological surgery.

Prof. Yasser Farahat visited the OR and the office of Urology Department of Zhejiang People's Hospital, and he had a deep communication with the hospital about the management of OR turnover rate in both countries.  Prof. Yasser Farahat was highly impressed by the Chinese urologist’s workload and their working efficiency, and he expressed his willingness to have further communications with Chinese Urologists.

After that, Prof. Yasser Farahat shared his experience in stone management in United Arab Emirates with the urologist of Zhejiang People’s Hospital. They had a deep discussion about the differences/similarities of stone management in both countries .

Especially, when prof. Yasser Farahat shared his experience in using PUSEN Uscope, the disposable flexible ureteroscope, all urologists showed their interests in disposable fURS.

Academic Exchangse in Zhejiang People’s Hospital

Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital

In the morning of August 6th 2019,, Prof. Yasser Farahat visited Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital (SRRSH), affiliated hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine,  for international cimmunications.

Prof. Gonghui Li, the head of Urology department, offered a basic introduction about urological department of SRRSH and showed Prof. Yasser Farahat around inpatient ward

Urology department, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, 

the affiliated hospital of Zhejiang University

The Urology department of SRRSH, the total surgeries is more than 8000 cases last year, of which the number of Da Vinci Robotic surgery is on the top of whole China, and the number of Flexible-ureteroscope cases is also over 1000 each year. In urology department, there are 30 urologists have the experience and skills to do flexible ureteroscopy. The affiliated SSRSH of Zhejiang University is a teaching hospital which has great teaching methods and experiences in PCNL and flexible URS surgery. 

At morning briefing in SRRSH , Prof. Yasser Farahat shared the advantages and challenges in using disposable F-urs and mentioned about his experiences in using disposable F-urs. Also he invited all the presented urologists to attend WCE 2019 in Abu Dhabi. 

Special case discussions in Urology department of SRRSH.

During the meeting, Prof. Yasser Farahat and the urology department discussed two difficult cases in the urology department of SRRSH. This is a regular discussion every morning session to share with others opinions and brainstorming. He said, it is a very good way of teaching and learning.  

The academic strength demonstrated by Shao’s doctors has made Professor Yasser Farahat feel the excellence of teaching in Chinese teaching hospitals. He highly acknowledges the teaching style of Director Li Gonghui and praises the contribution of the Chinese medical urology predecessors to the progress and development of the younger generation of extra critic doctors.

After the meeting, Prof. Gonghui. Li introduced to Prof. Yasser Farahat about the  colorful teaching activities in SRRSH Urology Department. Meanwhile, both sides visited the minimally invasive urology training center and animal laboratory center in the hospital

In the future, the PUSEN team will continue to serve as a platform for international academic exchanges and cooperation to guide and create more opportunities for academic exchanges and discussions.

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